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4 Reasons Your Business Is Not Generating More Sales Online!

It is not a secret that the success of any business depends on the an of sales it makes hence, entrepreneurs invest a considerable amount of money in advertising online today. Despite the fact that the internet is quite widespread now, there remain to be thousands of small business owners who use all the possibilities that the internet has to offer. The internet today has transformed into one of the most powerful sources to gain potential customers and poses to be a great tool for new customer acquisition.

Beginners can always take into account the experience of other stores but at the same time, even the successful small businesses never cease to experiment and look for new ways of promoting. The essence is to constantly engage in testing methods i.e what works – and what doesn’t work. This is the best way to increase your sales even in arithmetic or geometric progression. Moreover, if you make these decisive steps and use the ways written below, you will achieve success.

1. Offer Your Primary Service on Your Homepage!

If you sell several services or products, we highly recommend you try to change the strategy. In fact, analyzing the different strategies, we suggest – the fewer products or services in one place with too much force on a specific audience, you can achieve sales growth in general. It is all about the focus, instead of trying to please everyone; you should focus on certain buyers and your particular niche. You do not have to abandon other products, you can always offer them on other pages or via subsequent proposals. Of course, the only way to check this is by implementing, whether it works with your audience or not.

Tip 01 – write an ad for your main product and put it on the front page. Then run at it through your targeted traffic and see how your sales increase.

You can also put the newsletter subscription on the website which many small businesses ignore.  One of the most loyal categories of your customer base is in your subscriber’s list. If a person gives your business permission to receive your news, it means he trusts you and waits for something interesting from you to pop up in their emails. Try to place the subscription form on the ‘left top of the screen’ unless you have ‘not so annoying pop up’. This part is the most viewed by users.

Alternatively, you can place the subscription form in a prominent place, launch the traffic and look at the number of people subscribing.

2. Increase the Credibility of Your Website 

It is important to earn credibility among the visitors.

They must feel that you are professionals and not a small business that does not know what they want to achieve. There are several ways to do it effectively. One of the best ways is to use the feedback from existing customers that trust you hence, hold a survey.

Focusing on customer feedback and reviews will surprise you with the results. People who recommend you should be your clients and not friends or relatives. It is also useful to place some contact information on the website, visibly. Feedback means not only the positive opinions about how your product is great. You need the truthful reviews to solve any problem as soon as possible. So, don’t let the heart of your business shrink, instead be better!

It is very important that your visitors understand that your product will either simplify or solve a problem in their lives. Try to post information about your business on social networks; which of course will help you in obtaining a quick response from the audience. Work with objections, negative reviews. Do not delete them!

3. Redesign Your Website! 

Very few visitors will read every word from the beginning to the end on your website and yes, it is true.

Most of them will scroll down the page capturing the essence of your proposal. This is why you must properly edit the text about your advantages, discounts, and benefits. Performing the right combination, you will achieve good results. Few ways to do this is:

  • Use bold, italics and highlighting (rare) features to emphasize the most important benefits of your offer
  • Change the length of your paragraphs so the page doesn’t look like one solid block and is readable
  • Add the sub-headlines that emphasize your key messages. It will compel your visitors to read the paragraphs.
  • Perform alignment to the left edge
  • Use bullet lists to emphasize the key points

Too often, small business owners neglect the golden rule “the customer is always right”. Check on your site. How often do you use “I”, “me” and “we”? Try to replace them with “you” and “your”.

4. Test & Build Relationships

For almost every business, it is important to make clients buy your product one more time; such offers are in relation to the costs/profits and look more attractive.

Why, you ask?

  • The client already knows you and trusts you;
  • You know your client

The primary work to be done with such clients is to inform customers about the updates of the product range, sales, and additional discounts. However, very little attention is to be paid in obtaining feedback from the client. In fact, we offer a customer to buy something else, but we are not sure if they liked it the first time.

Produce a newsletter to your customers and offer to fill the questionnaire review of the product purchased. Motivate your buyers. For example, “Fill a review on a product and we will send you the same product with your edits, for free”. Create a focus group from your customers for the product, then, people will understand its significance and begin actively promote your product to their friends and relatives.

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