7 Facebook Marketing Tactics All Small Businesses Must Use

Facebook is by far the most used form of social media that there is. As one of the most used outlets, it is important for your small business to start using Facebook to market your company and your products.

Companies have started to use Facebook as the top way to advertise and to drive their customer base higher and higher. Letting your customers both new, old, and perspective know that your company has a Facebook account is very important. When many potential customers talk about a company, the first thing they will say to others is “find them on Facebook.”

This is key for your company to gain more and more customers, likes, and followers.

There are plenty of different techniques that your small business can use in order to help your company name become more and more popular.

Here are the seven marketing tactics that all small businesses must use in order to gain those new customers.

Knowing the best days to post about your small business

7 Facebook Marketing Tactics All Small Business Must Use

One of the wonderful features that Facebook has added is the post insights. These post insights are here for your small business to know exactly when people are reading your posts and when they are responding to them.

This will basically give you the best idea of when all of your fans and followers are online and taking care of all of their social media outlets. You can actually schedule posts to go onto your Facebook page during specific times when those fans are online.

If you see that your fans are on at midnight Eastern Standard Time, you can go into your account and schedule posts for midnight. This means that you won’t even have to be awake to do it.

There is a very easy process to do this type of posting on your company’s Facebook page. When you log into your page, you will be able to see the insights page. Once you are at the insights page, you will see many different Facebook functions. You will need to select the posts function. You can then choose what days and what times that you can publish your posts so you will get the most readers.

This is a great function if you do a lot of online business and your customers are located all over the world. You won’t be expected to stay up late at night in order to take care of your social media.

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Try using Facebook ads

7 Facebook Marketing Tactics All Small Business Must Use

Many businesses are unsure that this really can work out for them, but it truly can. It may take a little time, but small businesses are seeing a lot of income being driven in from Facebook ads.

A lot of very small businesses use Facebook ads because they are very inexpensive and you can actually see your fan base growing as opposed to paper ads that you are unsure if anyone will read that page in the newspaper.

Facebook ads will generally allow you to decide on your budget per week or per campaign. This is a great way for you to account for how much money you will be spending each time you launch an ad campaign.

The great thing about Facebook ads is that anyone can use them and it is very easy to set up an ad campaign. As you watch your likes increase, you can also see what posts got the most views and likes. This is a great way for you to find out who is paying attention to specific products that were featured in those posts. Facebook ads may be one of the best ways to really get your company’s name out there in the open.

Promote your Facebook page in any way that you can

7 Facebook Marketing Tactics All Small Business Must Use

This is very important! If you have a storefront or you are solely an online store, you need to always be promoting your Facebook page. Everyone has Facebook. It is the major source of social media and people really do shop based on what they see on Facebook.

If you are trying to build a great small business, having a Facebook account is important and what is more important is letting your customers know that you do have one. You can let them know that there are special promotions and sales that only your Facebook fans will be part of. They will jump at the chance to follow your site on Facebook.

You can promote your Facebook page in many different ways. One of the easiest is on your company’s website. If you have a store, you can promote your Facebook all over your store. Having business cards with your social media information is also key especially if you are sending out samples or just talking about your small business to people that you meet in town.

The important thing is to have a plan and a Facebook marketing strategy in mind

7 Facebook Marketing Tactics All Small Business Must Use

When you create your company’s Facebook page, you must know exactly what you want to do with it. You shouldn’t just create a page because everyone else is doing it. You should have substance and some idea of exactly what you want to do with the Facebook page.

Do you want to have contests or sales that only fans of your Facebook page can get in on? Do you want to premiere your newest products only on Facebook?

These are questions that you should know the answer to well before you have decided to build a Facebook page. Also, think about what you want out of Facebook for your small business. Are you simply looking to boost your sales or are you looking for more people to be exposed to what you are selling and producing?

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Make sure that your followers and fans are interacting on your Facebook page

7 Facebook Marketing Tactics All Small Business Must Use

When you have a Facebook page, you have to try and give your followers exactly what they want when it comes to social media. Many of them want instant gratification when they like your small business’s page. Make sure that you are engaged with your Facebook fans and giving them ways to win prizes, products, or take part in naming new items. This is a great way for them to remain engaged and continue to look at your Facebook page.

Make sure that you are available to your Facebook fans

7 Facebook Marketing Tactics All Small Business Must Use

As a small business owner, you already know that people want to talk to you about products pretty much all of the time. You are in charge so you have all of the answers that they seek. The same goes for Facebook. Your fans want you to be there for them when they have questions.

Do you do bulk or wholesale orders? Do you do international shipping? What’s your website?

All of these questions and probably a lot more are ones that you will be faced with when you create a Facebook page for your company. Make sure that you are checking your company’s Facebook page more than once or twice a week. By making yourself available, your customers will realize that you want them to stay around and order your products.

Make sure that you are flexible at the beginning of your Facebook campaign

What exactly does this mean? Here is an example, you are a new bar that just opened up in town and your Facebook page is a way to get people to come and drink. How can you do this?

By being flexible, you can actually start to recruit new fans to your bar. Post something on your bar’s Facebook page that says if you come in tonight and mention Facebook, you will get your first drink for free. Who could resist that?

This is a great way to build business and get more and more people to spread the word about your new bar.

It is important that you take your Facebook page very seriously. There are a right and a wrong way to maintain your page and if you follow all of these simple tips, your small business will be well on the way to making a Facebook empire.