7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Start Social Media Actively!

Social media is where everyone is now! Unfortunately, the primary misconception of understanding social media is the need to have a Facebook page only, but of course, that is not what it takes.

Although Facebook is a primary key in promoting your business on social media, we must not underestimate the power of platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.

Let’s get right on with understanding why your business needs social media now, shall we?

1. Social Media Helps You Find Your Customers 

7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Start Social Media Actively!
Source: We Are Social

Let us keep Facebook as an example. Facebook is home to 1.5 billion monthly users and within that figure is a tiny segment that is looking for exactly what you are trying to sell them. Unfortunately, your business just does not know how to reach them directly. It might have been the case that someone suggested you should advertise but unfortunately even that is not working for you, right? It is because you are working on a broad segment and not everyone is interested in what you have to say! Frankly.

Now, add your target segments from other social networks like Twitter, Pinterest, Medium, Tumblr and Instagram!

All we can tell you right now is that you are missing out on a lot!

2. Competition Is A Drive To Success

In case your business is thinking about how your competitor is way up ahead, doing better in business and generating more revenue, you should already know the answer.

In case you don’t, the answer is: They are in places you aren’t.

Seeing your competition do better and like many other businesses you have subscribed to them too, you should be more driven towards the idea of activating social media.

3. You Will Provide More Value and Connect Directly 

If you ask any business, what their reason is for success, they will emphasize on, “Giving value to their customers”. Cliched right? But that is what still matters.

However, what good is the value you provide that no customer can benefit from?

Here is how social media allows you to give value:

Let’s assume you are a retail store that sells curtains and drapes. The way to provide value via social media is to target your niche market and introduce them to not only “telling them how good your brand is or what your product is” but by telling them about how they would be able to take care of their drapes. This is where your content marketing merges with social media.

A good blog topic to provide value through would be, “21 Ways to Give Your Curtains A Longer Life”.

This will allow users to understand how they must take care of their curtains and in turn, they will revisit your platforms to learn more.

In case your customers have questions regarding further instructions, chances are they will contact you via these social media networks and that makes it better for your business to support and help your consumers, building you a very helpful brand image.

According to the research from JD Power, 67% of the customers tap like on the basis of the customer service you provide them.

4. More Customers Means More Sales

One thing you must always remember is that all social media platforms work on the same fundamentals as of traditional marketing. Hence, for whatever someone does on your page, their friends will be made aware of it via the concepts of word of mouth marketing. Results?? More customers.

5. It Is Free 

If done rightly, social media marketing is completely free of cost. Well, for the most part, once you understand how social media works, you will begin to dive into the depths of it and begin to pick on advertising models because you want your business to do better! All social media platforms start off free and there is no platform that charges you for signing up!

6. It Will Only Grow in The Future 

Since the rise of consumer empowerment, social media has become a way of life and beyond anything, it is one thing no one can live without anymore. Now, with something that has become such a habit, the trends of the last five year show only an increase in the use of social media.

7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Start Social Media Actively!

7. Better Search Rankings 

Search rankings till date remain to be the single most important method of generating targeted customers who are only looking for your product. However, it is also the case that search engine rankings are no longer about meta tags, descriptions and keeping your blog updated. Today, compared to ten years ago, search engines rely heavily on understanding your positioning on social media, allowing your actions to be the “brand signals” it needs to help you rank higher. Hence, social media is critical from more aspects than you think it is.

So, what is your next step? 

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