7 Web Design Facts Small Business Owners Need to Know About

Let us face it, small business owners still have the hardest time realizing that having an online presence of their business is not really important. So, it is always hard to further explain how a simple component of digital media like web design is even harder to explain to small business web design owners.

BYV Digital is a digital marketing company focused on small and mid-sized businesses based in Dallas, Texas.

We’ve met many small business owners in Dallas who really find digital marketing, web design, search engine optimization and social media marketing very important but find it very hard to be convinced.

So for now, let’s talk about just one important component: Web Design and Development!

Web Design Fact # 1 

  • 38% visitors stop engaging with websites with a bad design

Scenario: Let’s assume that you run a platform which compares car insurance quotes. However, simultaneously, it turns out that your business website is not mobile optimized, looks like it was made in the 90s and your call-to-action buttons are all over the place! You consistently see that in Google Analytics, there is traffic coming in but you are unable to get quotes. Well, for the most part, this is really what it is.

Web Design Fact # 2

  • According to 48% of website visitors, base the credibility of the business on how well its website is designed.

Scenario: You customer comes onto your website while simultaneously browsing your competitor’s website. Now, your website design is basic while the competitor has really put thought into building a beautiful website. You can figure the rest out!

Web Design Fact # 3

  • An average visitor spends 10 seconds to figure out what your website is about!

Scenario: Your website has a picture on the homepage which shows a cake sitting on a rugged table but you sell cars! Your tagline has nothing to do with your business and well, turns out the visitor really looking for a car thought you sold cakes.

Web Design Fact # 4

  • 47% of visitors expect your website would load in less than 2 seconds.

Scenario: This is self-explanatory. When you visit a website and it takes longer than 2 seconds to load, they bounce. Hence, a higher bounce-rate in Google Analytics.

Web Design Fact # 5

  • 64% of the visitors want to see the company’s contact details on the homepage!

Scenario: A husband is looking for a florist and gets onto your website. He wants to walk-in to the shop and wants to get a custom-made bouquet but is unable to get the contact information and finds it hard to find. Hence, they move onto going to your competitor.

Web Design Fact # 6

  • Mobile devices now account for nearly 2 of every 3 minutes spent online.

Scenario: We all know people barely use desktops to browse for something online. Knowing that you just realize that your website is not mobile-friendly. You really need to focus on that.

Web Design Fact # 7

  • 38% visitors stop engaging if the content is unattractive.

Scenario: The content and imagery on your website are absolutely unattractive. You have old images on your website and the photoshop work looks like a kid did it. Now, seeing that, your visitors do not wish to further engage with your platform.

What to do about it? 

It is important, very important for you to realize as a small business owner to understand that your web design is essential. BYV Digital has helped over 300 websites design, set up and execute beautifully, easy-to-use websites for over 4 years! We can do that for you too. Contact our team now and get a quote.