Amazon SEO

Amazon SEO: Improve The Ranking Of Your Product On Amazon With These Simple Steps.

Let’s go through the steps that help you to tackle Amazon’s A9 Algorithm improving your Amazon SEO product’s ranking. Amazon evaluates search engine results through its A9 algorithm, which can be explained as the underlying search engine. The algorithm uses multiple parameters to compute the millions of products available in its database with the query sent through search engines by users.

Step 1: Title of Your Product on Amazon

First and foremost you need to focus on the most important factor of your product, which is its title. This will enhance the visibility of the product and boost its ranking. Make sure to add relevant information in the title placing the name first.

The product title should include the following according to Amazon standards.

  • Brand
  • Product
  • Material
  • Quantity
  • Color

Although the product title in Amazon search is limited to 100 characters, it doesn’t mean that you would resort to keyword stuffing. Keep the title appropriate, descriptive and appealing and optimized.

Keyword optimization is crucial. But, they shouldn’t be decided only with ranking in mind but should consider the users into the ‘Product Title’ scheme. Since not only you need to appear at the top but also have customers. Another customer’s perspective that needs to be taken into account is their detailed search for a product, so you need to think as a user as well when deciding on an optimized title.

Step 2: Price Of The Product

When you are setting the price of your Amazon product, make sure you have studied your competitors that sell an identical product. Consider keeping the gap between their prices and yours to bare minimum. Try lowering your prices than the competition out there.

Product prices play a vital role in leading towards a purchase. If you are highly expensive compared to competitors than your sales will reduce.

Step 3: Amazon Product Images

In the world of high technology with impeccable in-built cameras, the competition to take an HD photo has increased and so is the demand of viewing high quality pictures only.

So when it comes to attracting potential customers on Amazon, make sure your product is clearly visible even in the enlarged mode of Amazon.

Hence, Amazon itself recommends using larger refined images of at least 1000 pixels. The better the image the better the chances of a sale. Online purchases are always scary to the buyers as there is a high chance of getting scammed. So, if the picture is poor and has an ablur effect, the user most likely move on to the next vendor who has a clear picture of the product in question.

Picture size and quality may not affect SEO so much as it adds greatly to an upward sales chart. So from the profit and sales perspective, uploading a crisp high-resolution picture of your product is a must.

Step 4: Product’s Backend Search Keywords

These are the search terms that are not visible to the user/shopper but are indexed by Amazon’s A9 Algorithm. So here are the following things one needs to incorporate in their backend:

  • Keywords or search terms that you were not able to fit in your description or title.
  • A product’s misspellings (customers that mistakenly typed misspelled keyword and has high chances for searches) or related keywords for your product.
  • Translation words of your product into Spanish or French, as there is a bigger Spanish-speaking populace in the United States.
  • Other synonyms that shoppers might look for.

Step 5: Product Review and Ratings

As far as Amazon SEO is concerned, product rankings and ratings play an important role in determining its rank. Also, they make sure there are indirect improvements in the rankings. The better the reviews, the higher the product’s value.

Step 6: Amazon Product Features in Bullets

No one has the time to go through huge chunks of paragraphs describing the product they are interested in buying. It is advised to take the best approach by using bullets and keeping the sentences short, concise and clear.

As for paragraphs affecting badly on Amazon SEO, here’s the damage it does.

The customers that are interested in the product will find the description confusing, time-consuming, shady and unclear. This will result in lower conversion rates or sales and will negatively affect the visibility of that product in Amazon search results.

Amazon’s A9 algorithm doesn’t appreciate long chunks of texts in one go. Instead it prefers a shorter and organized version that makes its job decipher much easier.

So what have we learned so far? Product title, backend keywords of that product, ratings and reviews, price and images of Amazon products. Once you get the hang of these things, you’ll satisfy the A9 algorithm increasing the ranking and popularity of your product.

Worthy Mention: Make sure the product is available and it being out of stock will largely affect the ranking, dropping it to unprecedented amounts. If you use Fulfillment Method on Amazon FBA, you can set a reminder that notifies you when the stock hits a certain low and you can immediately restock. Or, if you happen to sell that product(s) through more than one channel, it is best to stay organized in a way that your Amazon’s stock doesn’t fall to zero, ever.