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5 Creative Digital Marketing Ideas for Restaurants: Don’t Miss the 3rd One!

If you are landed here looking for digital marketing ideas for your restaurant business, then we are happy to let you know that you are moving in the right direction.

Returning customers at your restaurants love your food, and they continue to praise your service, however, over a period, you have understood that it has gotten ever so hard to get more customers to come in.

Despite following the traditional methods of marketing your restaurants, you continue to be incapable of bringing in new clientele. You know why?

The answer is right there: Go digital.

The restaurant industry in the United States has become tremendously competitive and with any restaurant owner who is already profiting from their business or anyone coming into the industry with a lot of investing, is overtaking you.

To ease your understanding of digital marketing for your restaurant, here are 5 most creative digital marketing ideas you can use now.

1. Social Media Marketing

Social media now has over 2 billion people combined, and that is enough to segment your target market. The statistics are staggering, and you want a major chunk of the market to follow you online. However, competition is doing much better.

To be good at social media marketing for the restaurant, you need one element which feeds social media platforms at best: Content.

The first and foremost element to start off your social media pages is to create, attractive content which your fanbase can share ahead. To pursue this, you must create high-quality professional content that is beautiful to look at.

Suggestion: Hire a professional photographer who can take pictures of the food your business is famous for.

Once you have this content, focus on Facebook and Instagram as your two primary social media platforms.

2. Bloggers + Influencers

Let’s face it. You are new to digital marketing and do not yet have a following or a fan base. As we recommend, instead of spending the time to build your audience from scratch, use someone else’s following to become famous.

Bloggers and influencers have become a major need for businesses online. To start off, find bloggers in your local area who run platforms focused on your industry. Trust us; there are many.

Once you grab hold of good bloggers and influencers, pay them to talk about your restaurant. This way, you will reach out to a new fanbase aside from the customers you already have, and your restaurant will become more credible.

One of the many ways of having a blogger to write about you, give your local blogger a certain percentage off on their next visit to your restaurant.

It is an easy gig, and more effective.

3. Effective Professional Website

With how individuals who love food have evolved over the years online, they search for everything online and based on how your website comes off, they decide accordingly.

Up to 40% of your website visitors judge the credibility of your business based on how it looks.

Hence, it is essential for your restaurant to have a professional website where you have all the details, menu and ability to reserve spots at the restaurants.

Building a responsive restaurant website can be a tedious process, with our expertise at BYV Digital we assure that the websites are developed based on statistics that get you the results. For example, a lot of the websites we see, often, lack contact information which visitors are often looking for. ss

4. Local Search Engine Optimization

The way search works today has drastically changed. Instead of searching for broad terms like, ‘Chinese Food,’ people now tend to search for specifics, for example, 4. ‘Best Chinese Food in Dallas.’

This helps people find specifics instead of the entire relevant that may not be relevant to them. Hence, using keywords that suggests search engines that you are a specific restaurant in a specific area, wins your case.

More so, you must also exist and post in local directories which further helps your case, above.

Local search engine optimization for the restaurant is realistically a technical task which is done to assure search engines recognize your business for what it is and who it is for.

5. Advertise, Advertise, Advertise

We often look at a lot of posts on social media and search engines that either say, ‘sponsored’ and ‘ad.’ That is a winner.

Demographics for online advertisements have become extremely effective and detailed. You can reach out to anyone and at any time, depending on your user personas.

So, what are user personas?

User personas are what you hypothetically create to determine what your ideal clientele is like. From the name to race and income. Once your user personas are all set, you leverage on the personas to target a similar audience online using ads.

Although the above digital marketing ideas for restaurants are ultimately all of them, they are still some of the most important.

BYV Digital is a digital media agency in Dallas that assists businesses with their unique digital marketing ideas and efforts at a competitive price. For more info and details, contact us now and learn more about how we can work together.