13 Essential Digital Marketing Ideas Law Firms Need to Consider

As a law firm, digital marketing is often the last priority. Given that law firms often push to keep up to pace with cases, new clients, hearings and other events, they eventually end up lacking in their digital marketing efforts.

In the process, the understanding and need for digital marketing drops for law firms ultimately result in loss of clientele and growth.

So, why is digital marketing for law firms important?

Despite the fact that law firms do not integrate digital marketing into their marketing strategy, statistics suggest that over 1/3 of potential clients look for an attorney online first (source: iMarc)

Now, when such clients search online, there are many law firms in the local area, which do not show up. This is primarily because law firms have never focused on consistent search engine optimization efforts.

Many law firms are reluctant about spending on digital marketing, and that has a lot to do with the fact that they never have.

BYV Digital has listed 13 essential ideas for law firms to improve their digital marketing aspects and grow their clientele.

1. Redesign/Upgrade Your Law Firm’s Website

Has it happened to you that when you visited a law firm website, you felt as if the law firm had zero or little category, based on how it looks and feels? Well, you are on point for feeling that. Statistically, it is known that 48% of your potential clients will base the credibility of the company on how their website looks. 

Many law firms have an untouched website that looks like it was built in the 90s, back when the law firm half-heartedly wanted to pursue digital

As the first step, it is essential for law firms to update their website based on a data-driven strategy. For the most part, this includes links to a free consultation with an easy-to-use interactive form, contact us details, an impressive visual portrayal of the law firm’s portfolio and video integration wherever necessary.

When the website is updated to the modern time, it improves the law firm’s credibility in the eyes of the potential clients.

2. Law Firm’s Website Analytics 

Let’s assume; you bought the domain 15 years ago when you started out as a full-time lawyer with the hope to get more clients. You put up a primary website and placed the domain name on all your letterheads, business cards, emails, and banners. If not many, you got sufficient visitors to your website.

Now, with a platform as simple and effective as Google Analytics, you can certainly consider it to be a good starting point. Integrating Google Analytics with your law firm’s website, you will be able to recognize what web pages your potential clients are visiting, how quickly are they bouncing off and what channels are helping you bring in more traffic.

Although BYV Digital itself, uses more analytic tools in the process of converting your law firm into a leading digital law firm, we recommend Google Analytics to clients initially.

3. Search Engine Optimization for Your Law Firm 

If I type, immigration law firm in Dallas, will you show up?

Exactly! You know that is what you do, but you don’t show up when someone searches that key term online. This has everything to with your law firm’s search engine optimization efforts. Although to have a 100% search engine optimization score, it is worth considering how you can improve it.

Now, you’ve probably heard of backlinks as one way to expedite your law firm’s search engine optimization. However, we would like for you to know that there are over 200 factors that determine your law firm’s Google ranking.

This includes backlinks, of course, but simultaneously, it is a matter of content, mobile user experience, technical on-page SEO, PPC advertising and website rank, to name a few.

4. Optimize Your Law Firm’s Web Pages 

Having content on a website is not enough if it is not optimized. Yes, really.

Optimizing your web pages is a process which allows Google to recognize the value of your law firm’s website in relevance to the searches potential clients make.

Optimizing your law firm’s web pages allows Google to pull up your web page when someone does a relevant search. For example, something similar to, practice + law firm + location. 

Search engine optimization for law firms is critical, and it has to be higher in priority than social media marketing or any other form. SEO for law firms is a long, consistent process and may not be taken lightly nor with breaks.

5. Content Marketing 

The internet is hungry for good content. Yes, good content.

Due to lack of time, law firms have stood far from being able to produce quality content which is optimized for search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. When creating good content, it is essential to use relevant search terms.

Further, law firms also need to understand that the way people search on the internet has changed as well. Hence, keyword planning for law firms must be diverse based on the latest changes in search algorithms.

These search terms allow Google and others to suggest a blog from your firm instead of any other. So, let’s assume, someone is searching for, ‘Divorce Laws in Texas.’ Now, luckily, a detailed article is available on your website under the title, ‘Divorce Laws in Texas All Couples Need to Know About.’ Considering that you have used relevant key phrases in your article and title, you will be the first to pull when someone searches you.

Based on how well written your content is, which, just to throw it out, is one of BYV Digital’s expertise, you will have potential clients contacting you because they believe in you now.

6. Forum Marketing

This has been a very successful strategy for a lot of law firms in the US. For example,  Murthy Law Firm has a mastered the art of running a law forum revolving around immigration. This allows potential clients to engage with the law firm and eventually reach out to the law firm to hire as a result of tremendous branding.

7. FAQs for Potential Clients 

Sometimes, your potential clients are not always looking for a free consultation or someone to speak with on the phone for a fundamental question. Many times, potential clients would visit your website for the information and answers to basic questions.

Based on how good your answers are, they will develop the sense of confidence in your law firm. This eventually plays a drastic role in converting website visitors into your clients.

8. Email Marketing 

Statistics show that 86% of the time, law firms fail to collect an email address and that is a significant loss. Email marketing may be considered to be old school and assumed to be ineffective, however, changing with the digital times, email marketing has proven to be one of the most effective methods regardless.

With tools and technology assuring that your email lands in the right inbox, law firms need to focus on email marketing like any other service. With email marketing, you can keep your potential clients updated at all times about the events at your law firm, new promotions, and free consultation platform.

More so, email marketing has been essential to reach out to your clients even after your service to them has been completed, assuring you to be their favorite law firm brand.

9. Testimonials 

Ever found yourself searching for a restaurant and deciding whether you want to go there or not based on what the reviews say? Or found an exciting looking product on Amazon but your final buying decision was based on the reviews?

Similarly, testimonials play that role for law firms. Reading reviews and comments from past clients is essential for new potential clients to find you credible and trust your law firm. After all, they may be going through a life-changing situation.

This is primarily why law firms now collect reviews from successful past clients and having them on your law firm’s website, is a win-win!

10. Law Firm’s Social Media Marketing 

Who is not on it? Well, hard to think of someone right?

Social Media has become a part of everyone’s life as a life-long companion. For law firms, social media is a great way to talk about their success, answer questions from potential clients and engage with their audience. This allows law firms to become brands.

Eventually, this leads them to be referred by past clients to friends and family.

11. Video Marketing for Law Firm

If you are a member of a law firm reading this, you can think of a million law firms focusing on video. Be it on Facebook, YouTube or any other platform; videos have dramatically changed how users interact with brands. A combination of visuals and commentary, videos are used by many lawyers as they talk about relevant topics.

If you search, ‘H1b’ on YouTube, you will get 78,000+ videos on just that topic. Further, if you optimize your videos to attract more views, you will be seen on the top. Yes, YouTube in itself is a search engine too!

12. Facebook Live

Brands have embraced Facebook Live as the next best thing to speaking at conferences. To think of it, you can do it from the comfort of your office, reaching out to 1,000s of individuals LIVE based on the topic you choose.

13. Paid Advertising 

Complementing all your efforts above, paid advertising takes your law firm a notch ahead of your competition online. From PPC advertising on Google to Facebook advertising to reach out to your potential client. It is crucial for law firms to establish an advertising budget.

As part of a paid advertising strategy, law firms must also consider A/B Testing which allows them to understand what works when it comes to advertising.


Law firm marketing is an art, and yes, it can be tough for law firms themselves to focus on digital marketing. However, implementing digital marketing into their marketing strategies, law firms can walk steps further up in Google where they are easier to find by potential clients looking for them.

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