Marketing has always remained a successful way to guarantee new clientele for law firms. Since the rise to power of digital marketing techniques, several law firms have transformed themselves into digital legal brands while many still do not focus on digital marketing techniques.

So, why do we even ever suggest that digital marketing techniques are the way forward for law firms?

Well, statistics suggest, 74% of all legal consumers visit law firms’ websites to act as 1/3 of potential clients start their legal aid search online.

It is apparent that those law firms which do not focus on building their websites are conveniently missing out on clients.

BYV Digital, after close analysis of trends and statistics, compiled nine effective digital marketing techniques for law firms to attract new clients.


Law firms exceptionally underestimate search engines. Statistics show that 96% of potential clients seek legal aid via search engines and yet many law firms underperform on search engines.

Given that most of the law-related searches are taken over by aggregator websites like Yelp and AVVO, instead of fighting them, law firms need to utilize them at best.

More so, although all law firms to recognize the need for search engine marketing, their ability to select the right accurate keywords is weak.

Many times, keywords are often highly competitive, and if a law firm is not primarily focusing on local SEO, they are unable to see themselves ranked at all.

Local search engine optimization for law firms includes a lot of several areas of focus like:

– Getting verified via Google

– Editing your Google+ page

– Assuring meta descriptions are prepared with the location included

– Local citations and directories


Until 2012, the emphasis of lawyers on social media was always minimum. It was only after Law Society published a guide elaborating the use of social media marketing for law firms which changed the course.

Although most of the smart law firms are now using social media as an essential key to law firm marketing, plenty is not yet considering social media.

To start off with social media marketing for your law firm, it is critical to have a great looking, easy-to-use website. The primary reason to establish a viral social media brand is to assure traffic to your website.

Moving on, law firms require informative and excellent content to post on social media, to make sure that it is worth reading and sharing.

Social media has long been established as one essential tool to reach out to more people. Imagine, 1 billion people are on Instagram! That is just one example!


Over the years, we have seen many law firms rely on content marketing to reach out to more people. Some law firms have used YouTube very well to produce and publish videos on general law-related concerns.

That is a great content marketing strategy for law firms.

Other means of content marketing are blogs and social media posts. Anything that would help answer generic questions builds credibility in the eyes of the readers.

However, it is essential for law firms to know that the content needs to be amazing. This is partly because of the competition out there.


We know, many law firms only need to show how long they have been in business to guarantee new clientele. But times have drastically changed.

Statistically, 48% of visitors do not trust a firm based on the website’s design. Yes, they bounce off then!

This tragedy must be overcome by understanding that visitors to your website are smart and well-aware.

Assuring that you have an excellent law firm website allows potential clients to reach out and contact you more conveniently, driving more call-to-action.


Ah! Influencer marketing for law firms! What art!

Influencer marketing is the new form of celebrity endorsements that we used to see back in the days.

Influencers allow law firms to reach out to a particular market with more credibility. Primarily because, if not you, then they would be trusting the influencer. Hence, this transfer of trust essential and helps the law firm to get the best results.

So, how exactly do you bring together right influencers?

Facebook and Instagram are the primary hotspots for influencers who can help you out!


Like we mentioned earlier when we spoke of content marketing, videos have risen to the top as an essential tool to reach out to more people. Let’s say, that there are FAQs which clients ask – you can certainly use a video to answer that and it is the best digital marketing techniques.

Now, with the options available by Facebook and Instagram to do LIVE sessions, you can now have more interactive digital sessions with your audience that will be asking as you pursue with your sessions.

These sessions will assure more credibility in your law firm improving your chances of getting more clients.


Infographics have statistically proven to be a lot more convenient to share and read for visitors to your website. Visual aid to questions visitors may have, helps them to interact more with your website.

Primarily, all law firms need for infographics is a graphic designer who sees through the design process and you will never be disappointed.


Considering how Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram all have allowed businesses to be promoted via ads, it is one of the best practices to target your primary audience.

Facebook now allows you market to precisely the type of audience you intend to target. Using demographics, locations, and interests, you can advertise to potential clients right in your neighborhood.

Although advertising is not only to get traffic, it is also to expand your firm into a brand name.

Many law firms are already taking on this practice and using it at its full potential.

Although advertising rates can differ between platforms, the best way to get the most out of advertising is via setting up your ideal client persona and then targeting similar demographics via ads.

The techniques mentioned above are primarily basic to start off.

With these techniques, your law firm can move from scratch to attaining more clients and a better reputation online.

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