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Are you looking for digital marketing services for your law firm? Look no further! You’ve come to the right place!

Law firm digital marketing is at a new high! Law firms now understand the need for using digital means to bring in and win more clients. And why not?

Statistics show, 96% of potential clients search for legal aid online and yet your law firm is far from being visited! In the digital world, not being fully-optimized online is costing you clients.

Your competition is winning.

Online marketing for law firms and lawyers is becoming essential every day. It is single-handedly the first change law firms are making to their marketing strategy and for those who are, are winning.

At BYV Digital we transform your law firm’s digital presence from being an unheard brand to everyone’s first pick. Using data-driven strategies, we use social media marketing, search engine optimization, PPC advertisements and modern web design for law firms to win in courts and online.

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Law Firm Web Design

Statistically, your law firm has a higher percentage of wins compared to losses, and we congratulate you on that. Your attorneys and paralegals are fantastic at what they do, and your law firm has a stature of its own.

However, when potential clients visit your website, they are in disbelieve and lose the sense of credibility in the firm. Why?

For potential clients, your current website does not provide all the information they need to pursue a case with your firm. A modern look gives potential clients the motivation to contact your firm and most importantly, they will be able to find a way to do that.

Your law firms’ website design does not reflect the true image of your firm.

BYV Digital with its team of creative expert web designers designs a website which is not only beautiful and has a modern look but also one which drives leads.

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Law Firm SEO Services

The first thing your potential client does is look up for law firms on search engines that could win them the case. However, you lose those potential clients to your competitors because you didn’t show up in the search results.

Law firm SEO marketing is an essential step to include in your strategy to assure qualified leads via online channels. Imagine, walking into the office with 100s of potential clients waiting for you to work on their case, amazing, isn’t it?

At BYV Digital, we carefully analyze, select and target keywords that your clients-to-be are searching for. Using law firm SEO strategy, your law firm website will rank on the first page of Google which will undoubtedly get your clients to contact you instantly.

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Social Media for Law Firms

Studies have time and time again proved how people are present on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. all the time. If your law firm is not active on social media, you are losing clients to your competitors because they are getting to them first.

Social media for law firms further helps to convert themselves fully rounded brand instead of just a firm. This brings in more credibility in the perception of the potential clients which persuades them to contact you and let you take care of their cases.

BYV Digital helps law firms to set up their social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more and manage each by posting content that gets shared.

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PPC Marketing for Lawyers

Why stop at hundreds when you can reach out to millions? To truly make SEO for your law firm effective, BYV Digital helps law firms gain more exposure using PPC marketing for targeting accurate keywords at the lowest cost.

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