Digital Marketing for Restaurants

Love for Your Restaurant Like Never Before

Is your restaurant not getting the reviews online that it deserves? Well, it is now time to fix that, and we will do that for you!

Digital marketing statistics show that 84% of people trust online reviews for restaurants before choosing a place to eat while 57% people order their food online via the restaurants’ website today.

Yet, many restaurants fail to focus on a website which is optimized for desktop and mobile along with responding to every customer feedback they receive online.

Restaurant marketing is becoming an essential need in today’s time, and every restaurant wants to look its part online.

The loss if they don’t?

Clientele. Referrals. Brand.

Restaurants often believe that to have a website with a few pictures and a Google listing is enough. Unfortunately, it is not.

Digital marketing for restaurants has become exceptionally important given the competition out there. Trends suggest that 83% of consumers read the menu before deciding where to eat and yet, many restaurants don’t have an optimized website.

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Social Media for RestaurantsPPC Advertising for Restaurants

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Web Design for Restaurants

With statistics proving the need for a modern, fully optimized and easy-to-use website design for restaurants, your restaurant needs it too. Assuring customers the ability to order online, make reservations and review your restaurant’s menu, allows restaurants to bring in more customers.

Remember, the better the website looks, higher the chances of customers perceiving your restaurant and its food to be good.

At BYV Digital, our team of designers focuses on restaurant website design using analytics on what wins for you. Carefully crafting the design, we consider all studies and trends for website designing for restaurants to make sure you are way ahead of your competitors.

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SEO for Restaurants

The way people search has drastically changed now. Instead of generally searching for, let’s say, ‘Thai restaurants,’ they now search for, ‘Thai restaurants in Dallas.’

This addition of the location in the search term establishes how much users online have progressed. More so, with searches like, ‘Thai restaurants near me,’ or ‘Thai restaurants in Frisco, TX,’ it has become even more important for restaurants to reconfigure their search engine optimization with content which targets accurate keywords.

BYV Digital, a renowned SEO agency for restaurants in Dallas, fully understands the paradigm shift in how internet users now search online. With this, we carefully analyze the correct keywords, produce content around those specific keywords and use expert SEO techniques to rank your restaurant website above your competitor every time a potential customer is looking for your restaurant.

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Social Media for Restaurants

Social Media has had a tremendous impact on restaurants marketing. Social media for restaurants allows them to interact with their customers in real-time, restaurants are now becoming brands. With more followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (especially), you can keep your customers updated with the latest at your restaurant.

BYV Digital, a reliable restaurant marketing company in Texas, specializes in using social media marketing strategies for restaurant that convert your lesser known restaurant into a fully recognized brand. We create and manage your social media accounts with engagement that wins your customers over.

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PPC Advertising for Restaurants

The restaurant industry is competitive, and every business owner has thought of having one of their own eventually. With keywords that may be competitive, BYV Digital has PPC specialists who make organic SEO efforts more effective by creating campaigns that target specific highly used keywords in the restaurant industry.

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