Small Business Owners Need to Focus on Digital Marketing + Case Study

It can be established easily that small business owners are very well aware of the need for digital marketing to enhance their revenue and essentially grow as a brand.


However, they often end up finding themselves in a difficult situation by focusing on the wrong areas. Digital marketing statistics show that 46% of small business owners don’t know if their marketing strategy even works.

That is a big number. Almost half. This primarily is the case because small business owners often end up thinking that, ‘Oh, wait. Let me post something on my Facebook page. Then forget about it.’

Digital marketing is primarily a consistent effort which takes time and often as Digital Marketing Agency, we recognize impatience to be common within small business owners.

Besides the 46% mentioned, 17% of small business owners actually know that their marketing strategy is of no use. This is the 17% that ends up believing that digital marketing would not benefit them at all. Hence, that becomes a crucial reason for them to not turn back to digital marketing.

So, that leaves us with 37% of small business owners. Yes, they are the only ones who are able to suggest that their strategies are working. And it is possible that these small business owners are working via digital marketing companies.

So, if your marketing strategy is not on point and you really still believe that digital marketing will boost your small business, what do you do?

Invest in Social Media Marketing

Yes, you already know that. You know it is where your client definitely is. But a small business on social media today is like finding a wallet in the country’s largest rock festival.

Social media marketing does not mean that you post 1 photo, video or text comment every 10 days. That is what doesn’t work. In 2017, 74% entrepreneurs invested in social media marketing – and in 2018, 40% are expected to invest further into it.

What are you not doing with your social media profiles? Invest.

Social media platforms are now all open to advertising and promoting mostly. Especially Facebook. Facebook now allows you to develop and target your audience in a more direct and organized manner where you are only targeting an audience that will buy your product.

So, if you sell fresh farm vegetables and are targeting someone who loves Fast Food, you won’t buy their interest at all.

Furthermore, with social media marketing, small business owners are expected to create more mobile friendly content since about 90% of Facebook users, for instance, use the Facebook app, not the desktop version.

More so, this year, you will notice a lot more video content between 10-30 seconds.

Let’s talk benefits, shall we? 

Digital media has over time become your go-to place for everything. Even as a restaurant owner, let’s say in Dallas, yourself, you would rely on what the reviews are like for another restaurant. You would rely on reviews when you are moving into a new place. You would rely on reviews when you are shopping at Amazon.

Now, with these scenarios, we are certain you are now beginning to think, ‘Yes, that is right! That is what I do too!’

So, here is how a small business is benefiting when you do these activities.

The first thing is, that the small business gains your business as you now really want to try their product. That is, if the small business’ website looks credible, which BYV Digital focused on in our last blog post. More so, if the product reviews were positive, the business just won you over. More so, you also learned new things about the business that you never knew. When it was founded, their latest press releases via Facebook and Twitter and the latest special offers the business has to offer.

Now that you have a complete scenario in front of you, it is easy to understand the benefits of digital marketing for small business owners.

Case Study

In 2013, BYV Digital took on board a travel agency client. They had a barely recognizable digital presence but they really believed it to be the way to move forward and sustain their business.

When BYV Digital took them on board, our analysis showed the following weakness:

First, the website they were trying to market themselves seemed straight out the 90s, pretty much when the internet started. So, that was the first thing to change. We knew that they need to stand out and hence our team of expert web designers and developers created them a website that spoke volumes!

Once this step was complete, we noticed that the product was a niche product. Not many had it, so their best bet was Search Engine Marketing.

The results?

After 4 years of consistent efforts on search engine optimization, the business now generates 400% more revenue via their online streams compared to their old traditional marketing strategy.

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