SEO Tips And Tricks

Here Are Top 5 Fool-Proof SEO Tips And Tricks Bound To Give You The Results You Desire.

Overtime the search engine optimization techniques have not only evolved but numerous new ones have emerged. With so many choices available, it has become rather difficult to decide which one to apply and which to ignore.

What is SEO in website?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a practice aimed to improve the ranking of your website on google search. In another words, it helps in increasing the quantity of traffic to the website through organic also-known-as ‘non-paid’ search engine results.

What is done in SEO?

To have a better understanding of SEO, let’s look at its three integral components.

Quality Traffic: Attracting visitors that are getting some sort of value out of browsing your website. Let’s say you run a tech blog, but if you are irrelevant and not-updated, your credibility and visitor count will affect.

Quantity Traffic: Once the relevant crows is clicking on to your website from search engine result pages (SERPs), which is when you have the right traffic.

Organic Results: Organic traffic is when you are gaining that traffic without paying for it. Since a large chunk of SERPs are paid Ads.


Now that we have an idea about what Search Engine Optimization is, let’s dig into the ten best practices, SEO tips and tricks that are bound to drive more organic traffic on to your website and improving your google search ranking as well.

So let’s get right into it.

Get Ride Of Anything That Might Be Slowing Down Your Site.

If your website is slow and takes take to load, this will make the visitor lose interest, as in this day and age of fast internet and even faster browsing, no one has the patience to wait for one page to take more than a few seconds to load and present itself.


A great tool that can help you determine how optimized your website is in terms of speed, you can use Google Page Speed. All you need to do is insert your website link and it will analyze it giving a score in the end.

If your score is high that’s great, but if the site does poorly, the tool even shows you the parts that need to be fixed in order to speed up the website.


Since majority of the traffic will be received through mobile devices, it is best practice to optimize your website for these devices to ensure maximum traffic by making them load super-fast. One way you can do that is by using Google AMP framework.


According to e Consultancy, 40% of the people abandon a page or a website because it took more than 3 seconds to load. Speed has become a major part playing in driving revenue. If the pages are loading faster, it keeps the user engaged longer without any delays for them to lose interest.

Write People Friendly Content First And Then SEO based Content.

Write engaging and useful content that helps the readers when they land your site, because that is what really matters. This is known as SEO copy writing.

Good quality content is what search engines reward, since they follow the users. So providing them with a meaningful experience should be the focal point.

Meta Descriptions Should Be Unique And Well-Written.

It is the first thing that people read after the title. Hence, it is vital to have a well-crafted meta description. These descriptions should be unique, precise and informative. Be careful not to have duplicate meta descriptions. That will get you in trouble and possibly penalized by Google.

If you are a WordPress user, then you need to install Yoast plugins to help you fix identical descriptions.

URLS Should Be Understandable And Meaningful.

It is important to have URLs that are readable by both, the user and search engines. Even if they are long, they should make sense and convey the title properly.

There should be proper sentences with hyphens in the middle of every word and no numbers should be present.

Use Right Keywords In Your Images.

Google has an entire section just for Images, so it is not to be taken lightly. When you are naming you images, make sure they are relevant to the contents of the picture. Why? Because when we search for an image, what do we use on the search bar? A keyword. Like ‘laptops’ or ‘McDonalds Logo’, perhaps? Random examples but if you have a picture of a laptop with a name ‘hhte4’ saved, then Google Images will not show when it is searched.

So it is important to use the right keywords for pictures.

These were the top 5 basic and easy to follow best SEO tips and tricks that will not instantly get you great results but will definitely give you a good start.

One of the things to avoid is ‘keyword stuffing’. Relevance is crucial when naming your pictures.

Last but not the least, produce good-quality content and stay consistent at it. This will massively increase you ranking in the Google search. The more user engagement, the better the freshness score. The better the freshness score, the better the search engine ranking for that particular page. So creating engaging and unique content is a necessity.

If you can start by just these techniques, you can then go towards the more technical aspects of SEO. So let’s start now with what we have learned.