Android Play store has a library of millions of games of various genres put together by the android application development team. If you want to choose it from the extensive list it will be really hard to find what will be the best. To do your job easy, this article will present you top free Android games to play in 2019 based on Play store top grossing.

Games market has become a multibillion industry and improving day by day. Games we played earlier in PCs are now available exactly same for the mobile platforms, which is creating a great deal of interest for the gamers, thanks to an app development agency that are working so hard for it. Many gamers from PC are now shifting their focus towards mobile platform games due to the quality of graphics and gameplay which is the same as they witnessed on their PCs. Here is the list of some free exiting Android games to play in 2019.


PubG Android Game

This game has been topping the chart of Play store in 2019. It’s an FPS multiplayer game and It will also available for PC users which makes them unique. Its graphics and gameplay are close to any good FPS games of PC. In the first, you are parachute to land and then roam free to kill your enemies around and you can also make a gang with the players around the world. The last standing wins, it is an ultimate battleground for the shooters with the presence of good quality sceneries. This game is truly shaping the mobile gaming experience and is probably the best android game of all times.


This is an excellent remedy for passing your time. It is one of the biggest multiplayer player games around. Users can enter tournament or challenge opponent around the world. Its simplicity is key to its popularity. The more you win, it will better your rankings and you can unlock new exclusive match locations.


Whenever it comes to racing games. So, Need for Speed always come in our mind and it will not disappoint you in their every new release. These games offer all trades of NFS games you had witnessed in the past. Drive fast, drag, drift, fearless and take part in competitions. Increase your reputation and never miss out on any upgrade. Always accept your challenger and ultimately be the king of the ultimate streets racing. For all those who want an ultimate racing experience with the best cars around, NFS will never disappoint in this regard.


For the gamers looking for Grand Theft Auto like stuff, Mafia City is an answer to you. Like GTA you can become God Father by stealing banks, forming alliances to form gangs and take control over the city. It has all the ingredients of GTA like the game like bikes, cars and extensive maps to roam around. It has good gameplay with good graphics. The storyline is also very attractive just like any GTA game. So for GTA enthusiast Mafia City is worth a try and I hope it will not disappoint you.


Without football gaming industry is incomplete. PES after challenging their counterpart EA FIFA franchise they also have a lot of things to offer in PES 2019 for mobile platforms. It has been created on famous UNREAL ENGINE 4 that will give you ultimate graphics and gameplay experience like that you are playing it on PC. It has all that what it takes for any football game. You can challenge your friend in multiplayer mode. So experience the award-winning stuff to which you are familiar to play on PC in mobile platforms.


Asphalt has been the king of arcade racing for years. Asphalt 9 brings you lots of hypercars that you will not find on any other racing games around. Gameplay has always been the winner when it comes to racing games and graphics will add more joy to the gameplay experience. You will not find the best free android games in 2019 for your mobile platform better than this. So what you are waiting let’s have it a must-try.


I know there is a very big library of exciting and top android games in 2019 and everyone has their own personnel choices. But I hope the game listed above will not disappoint and to my liking, they are the best mobile android games going around 2019. Good luck!